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The newest restaurant by the celebrity Chef Zdeněk Pohlreich


The newest restaurant by the celebrity TV star Chef Zdeněk Pohlreich.

COSMOPOLITAN Hotel Prague - restaurant Next Door by ImperialCOSMOPOLITAN Hotel Prague - restaurant Next Door by ImperialCOSMOPOLITAN Hotel Prague - restaurant Next Door by ImperialCOSMOPOLITAN Hotel Prague - restaurant Next Door by Imperial - ceiling fresco

Next Door Restaurant

The Next Door restaurant, the latest addition by celebrity Chef Zdenek Pohlreich, is a new hot item on all foodies lists!

An Italian architect Luciano Belcapo created perfectly formed venue while accenting the original ceiling frescos from 1889. Settle into an exclusive front row seat and absorb the thrilling action from the open plan kitchen.

Our modern variations of Czech cuisine delight even the most expectant taste buds. All meals are strictly made of the freshest ingredients. You will just love returning for the seasonal variations! Next Door is a single destination for all day dining experience, from morning until night.

Advance bookings highly recommended. We are a non-smoking restaurant. Dress code smart casual.

Opening hours: daily 06.30 - 23.00


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Celebrity chef Zdeněk Pohlreich

It is difficult to turn on the Czech television without seeing Zdenek Pohlreich hosting one of his shows or judging a competition. He still has time to keep his four restaurants thriving.

Born Czech, renowned chef, best-selling author, TV personality and entrepreneur Zdenek Pohlreich first learned to cook as a child under the guidance of his grandmother.

He started his formal cooking training in his early teen years. With communist Czech Republic being isolated from the rest of the world he chose to emigrate in 1989 to the Netherlands.

He worked around the globe to gain experience. When in Australia, he gradually worked his way up becoming the executive chef of the renown La Guillotine.

Now he is back in Prague, literally shaking the culinary scene.



Good morning!

Enjoy the start of the day with our delicious full American breakfast served at the Next Door Restaurant by the celebrity TV Star Chef Zdeněk Pohlreich.

You can enjoy a wide selection of:

  • sausages
  • grilled mushrooms
  • pancakes
  • OMELETTE STATION – variation of omelettes according to your wish
  • whole fresh fruit, fresh fruit salad
  • wide selection of cheeses & cold cuts
  • variety of high quality homemade marmalades
  • delicious Italian ILLY espresso, cappuccino & coffee latte (inkl. coffee with soya milk,  tea & coffee, decaffeinated coffee)
  • delicious pastry from a small local family bakery KABÁT
  • honey, butter, margarine
  • white & fruit yogurt, low-fat yogurt, wide range of breakfast cereals, dried fruit, Bircher muesli, fruit muesli, pumpkin seeds, nuts
  • seasonal vegetable offer – peppers, cucumber etc.
  • porridge oat meal
  • scrambled, fried and boiled eggs
  • crispy bacon
  • soya yogurt, soya milk

Is there anything you are missing? Please just let us know!

Have you booked your stay without breakfast? No worries you are always welcome just come to the Next Door Restaurant and the price 355 CZK per person will be added to your hotel bill.

Enjoy your breakfast at the COSMOPOLITAN Hotel Prague

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